Donuts.- (english)

The donuts, are simply fried sweet rolls, around the world they are called differently like donut, belinesas or bombs, they are a delight, you can make them with a hole in the middle and put over chocolate or basically flavor that you like, we can also make them glazed or stuffed.


I remember a lot when my children were little and after school, they loved to stop for a donut, something we did only on Fridays, they loved stuffed with dulce de leche.

Well, they are so easy to make, that once you prepare them at home, I doubt you will buy them again !!!

Here’s the recipe:


300gr Bread Flour

175 ml Milk

45 Gr Sugar

1 Egg

5Gr of instant yeast

30 Gr unsalted butter

3 Gr of salt

Lemon zest

A touch of cinnamon

(For this amount about 12 of medium size)


weighs very well each of the ingredients and place them all in a blender of cakes like a Kitchenaid and mix them until it has homogeneous mixture, I usually knead these bread doughs between 8 and 10 min, once you see that the dough tends to separate a little of the bowl of the blender you can remove it and take it to a table where you previously put a little flour so it does not stick as it is a little bit slimy, there kneaded a little more by hand, once it has reached a texture that does not stick to your fingers, let it rest covered with plastic for about 10 min.

Once these minutes are over, weigh about 40 grams each ball, which you will knead and roll to the shape of a ball if you are going to fill like mine, but spread with a roller and with a short circle mold and you cut the hole in the middle too.

Then place them one by one in a tray, greased or parchment paper, and leave them covered with plastic bags that do not get air, trying at the same time that this plastic does not touch the dough so they do not go paste unce it grows.

Once the time ends you will notice that they grew a little.

Place corn oil in a pot and fry until you see golden brown, try to measure the temperature of the oil with a kitchen thermometer that does not exceed 100 degrees, it is not very easy but at least it allows you to go down to a point that is not so hot and do not burn the donuts,

Once in the oil, as they grow a little more, they will be ready when they are golden brown or have an internal temperature of 95 degrees.

To fill them you can use pastry cream, dulce de leche, Nutella, jam, whatever you want!

Enjoy and bon appetite !!!!

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