Sweet Buns.-

Sweet buns Bread .-


⁃ 500 Gr of bread flour / bread flour.

⁃ 200 ml of water / water

⁃ 7 Gr instant yeast (the one that comes in granites).

⁃ 150 Gr of white sugar.

⁃ 2 eggs / eggs (1 for the mixture and another to paint them with a brush before baking).

⁃ 2 tbsp milk powder (powder milk)

⁃ 30 Gr of unsalted butter (no salt butter)

⁃ 10 Gr of anise seeds

-1 tsp vanilla (vanilla)

⁃1 pinch of salt (a pinch of salt)


All the ingredients are brought to the mixer, and placed at medium speed for about 5 minutes until the mixture reaches absolute softness, as smooth as a baby’s face, once it reaches this texture that will take between 10 or 15 minutes if you do it with your hands.

Then start to make balls of about 80 Gr approx, and place them in a tray previously greased with crisco vegetal, and let them rest covered with a plastic bag, in a dark and warm place, preferably that temperature is about 100 F degrees, there are ovens that have a function called bread proof and with it the dough are going to rise as God intended.

You can also place them in your garden (if you live in a warm place, but covered with a black bag, there you should be aware that if they reach them directly the rays of the sun may grow as big as Godzila … actually I live in Florida, US and it happened once…

Once they have doubled their size, which can take approximately 2 hours, you paint them with the egg, previously beaten and take them to the oven at 340 degrees C and wait for 18 to 25 minutes, when they are golden brown they will be ready!

Bon appetite and enjoy!!!


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